Gamestyle Archive

How do you revive over a decade of lost content? Some of these articles have been offline for anything from 6-10 years. Frankly there are no rules or even a sense of order. We’re going to create and build this archive one article at a time. Whether its a preview, feature, review or interview they will appear here one by one.

Reviews at Gamestyle normally appeared within a couple of weeks of the release of the said title. There was also a retro and retrospective agenda, as we went back in time and plucked out a few hidden gems. Looking back now, yes, we should have had a central archive and a running list but that doesn’t exist. We do have the original date from the document depending on the format provided by the source.

So if we know the document was created in November 2002, then we’ll place this into the 2002 category and also the format such as Playstation 2. We’ll also categorise by score so if you want to see which games received the highest honour possible with a Gamestyle 10, then use that category.

The archive is never going to be complete but this residence will be a great resource and place to visit.


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