Gamestyle Speechbubbles

Gamestyle Archive intro: one of the most surprising finds on the 2 discs discovered in my garage is a back up zip file from 19th December 2003. Being unfamiliar with this type of backup it is a struggle to see whether any articles are contained within. However it does offer the complete visual shell of the site from this era including the backstage team photograph taken at ECTS. 

A fun discovery are the speechbubbles below. These would have been randomly populated on certain pages across Gamestyle. A by-product is that it captures the staff as it was in this era with Raith not partaking in the fun. Lets go back to 2003 and hear these wise words!

usmangba chrisplaystation2 garethplaystation2 usmanplaystation2 garethgba deanxbox chrisgamecube deangba chrisgba deanplaystation2 anonplaystation2 anongamecube chrisxbox usmanxbox deangamecube usmangamecube anonxbox anongba garethgamecube garethxbox  


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