Gamestyle version 5.1 thank you

Gamestyle Archive intro: Gamestyle has been hacked more times than we’d care to remember. This document dates from 13th September 2003 when the latest version launched after an attack. Memories are hazy on this particular event but the site was kept offline for several months to build a new version rather than patching together what went before.


Everyone involved with Gamestyle is pleased to welcome you to the latest version of the site.

Firstly, our apologies for being offline for so such a long period of time.  After the hacking saga the decision was taken to build a new version, rather than rebuild.  Being offline since 12th July until now was not planned, but hopefully you’ll agree that its been worth the wait.  The whole unfortunate event drove home how much readers appreciate our existence and desire to continue; no matter what odds.

Rather than explain the new features we have built into 5.1 its best that you go out and discover them for yourself!

Building Version 5.1 has been a bigger task than anyone could have envisaged.  Thanks go to Mike Holmquist for showing (yet again) how fearsome he is in front of a computer, and to Matt Cox for his support with the graphics and overall design.  Our appreciation also goes out to all the publishers, developers and public relation types who demanded the return of Gamestyle.

Internally Dean and myself would like to thank the rest of the administrative team and our staff writers – together we represent the best team Gamestyle has ever had.  Thank you for waiting patiently and working away to provide us with more content than a counter could clock.  Thank you, as well to our partners and families who have had to put up with endless ours in front of PC’s and the constant clicking of buttons.

Christmas has arrived early and with a DVD and GSO just around the next bend, we hope you will spread the word; Gamestyle is back!


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