Gamestyle Offline Magazine Issue 1

Gamestyle Archive intro:A great discovery in the archives are the first 7 issues of the Gamestyle Offline magazine often referred to as GSO. A huge amount of work went into each issue to ensure exclusive content but also a design ethic that still holds strong today. This has been uploaded as a PDF and click on the Issue 01 link below to head back to the debut issue.

What is it like today? Well, the issue remains a great read and of particular interest was the ‘from the forums piece’ that takes us back to the friendly environment of the Gamestyle forums; some great characters and memories of that section. One of those forum characters was the Marquis De Sade; a right cad who provided his one and only review in the form of Rocky complete in his unique style. Also included in the issue are:

  • Reviews: Music director gold, Blinx, Burnout 2, Sega GT, Rocky, Eternal Darkness.
  • Features: Top 20 games of 2002, Halo 2- where next?, Guns and games.
  • Retro review: Strider.
  • DVD review: Panic Room
  • News, previews and release dates. 



Issue 01


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