The first update


A week has already passed since the discovery of these two CD-R discs in a box in the back of my garage. Yep folks, these date from a time when DVD burning as a dream/expensive/took 12 hours. The box itself contained some bits and bobs from the early era of Gamestyle. These discs were amidst a couple of spindles of official magazine demo discs and rather than dispense with unknown contents; I decided to take a look.

Pretty much everything I wrote from 2001-2003 for the site is here. If only I took a moment back then to do the same for everyone’s submissions then we’d be laughing right now. Sadly that’s not the case although not all hope is lost. Former members of the team are out there and like me they may have other discs or old hard-drives sitting about. My attic is home to more spindles and such old machines – these might prove fruitful. We’ll keep it one discovery at a time but I’m sure more material will be upstairs.

Why nothing prior to 2001? Well, currently there isn’t anything but that might change. I k now some of my first GS reviews were typed live using the Dreamcast browser so that’s why a hardcopy isn’t kicking about here; hmm I wonder if Sega still have the old email addresses? was pretty cool to have!

There is very little in the archive post-2003 currently; an archive takes time so its a start at least what we have.


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