Gamestyle Offline Magazine Issue 3

Gamestyle Archive intro: Here is the third issue of GSO and another enjoyable 32 page read even today; over a decade since it was published. In the Archive we have all the issues up to and including GSO7 but that leaves a couple beyond that to locate and release once again.

In this issue we have:

Well, actually, what we have here is a world exclusive never seen outside of Gamestyle Towers. This is the first version of GSO3, a work in progress if you will showing the thought process behind a new design and visual revamp. So the layout is complete but the content isn’t all slotted into place yet and the sharp-eyed will notice the different cover as well as other little changes. It deserves its place in the archive as you can appreciate the work that went into every issue from the team.

Later this weekend the Archive will publish the official edition of GSO3 that some of you might remember and then you can compare and we’ll discuss the contents at that time.




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