FIFA 2001

Gamestyle Archive intro: now here we have the stuff of legends, a review from Dean Swain. For many years the public said such a thing didn’t exist and my hazy memory recalled a couple at least and countless times when I tried to tease him to write a couple. So the Archive is pleased to welcome this short and sweet, say it as it is review from the Gamestyle conductor.

Writer: DS

Published: November 2000


Right before I start this I had better let you all know that I am crap at Football games, always have been & always will be. Ever since the days of Match Day II on the Spectrum I’ve been beaten by the likes of Angel Maker and Evil Doctor, through the years I’ve been teased while playing Sensible Soccer, laughed at while playing Sega World Wide Soccer and even booed off the pitch when playing ISS Pro.

So you can imagine my surprise when I beat Manchester United Und 7-1 on my first game, yes folks FIFA 2001 is easy to play – maybe too easy, like most PS2 games the default controls are set up to use the analog stick, this works really well (well for me anyway) and just for a change the graphics move very smoothly (can you remember the way FIFA on the PSone jerked around looking like card board cut outs?) and the gameplay is much better than ever before but there are two major things that pull FIFA down.

First up are the goalies – remember the zombies from House of the Dead? Well EA must have hired them from Sega because these guys act like the walking dead, standing there like brain dead donkey pigs. The other thing that drags FIFA down is a little game on the Psone called ISS Pro Evolution, a game that is a legend on the console scene for it’s game play and sheer realism of Football, so why is it that EA with all the power of the PS2 can’t beat a two year old 32 bit game?

Well as usual, E.A seem to have focused more on the official licences and names of the players than the actual game – FIFA is a bit like that stunning bird who lives down your street, all looks but no brains – good for a quick bunk up but not the sort of thing that you would take home to your Mum – Whilst ISS is more like that older bird you see at the bus stop every morning – a bit plain looking but you know she could teach you a thing or two. Although this time EA are closer to ISS than ever before and the action of the game is there, it just seems too easy to score, and that will just become boring after a while. Still… There’s always next year!

Gamestyle Score: 7/10


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