Gamestyle Offline Magazine Issue 7

Gamestyle Archive intro: we’re almost reaching the summit of our GSO journey. Issue 7 is one of the most accomplished issues and this entry comes with a slight difference. Quite often issues were released with a low-res and a high-res variants. Remember back in April 2004 when GSO7 was released, most of the public were still on 33.3k modems and unlimited downloads were a dream scenario. So the Archive is pleased to offer both versions here in low-res and med-res files.

Looking ahead we still have  GSO8 and then that’s it for the numerical editions themselves. However the team produced several special editions and of these it looks like we have the complete set to release in the coming weeks. We are out of the small gif’s that used to accompany each GSO release but looking through the backup files I have found a Star Wars influenced teaser for an earlier issue!




GSO7_lo       GSO7_medres


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