Headhunter Interview Questions

Gamestyle Archive intro: an interesting oddity from September 2001. SEGA must have asked Gamestyle if we’d be interested in an interview with Amuze who were developing the delayed Headhunter that didn’t arrive until 2002. These interviews were a team effort with all the team submitting questions. I’m not sure if this interview did go ahead but here’s what the team put together. The numbering is all over the place, apologies but this is faithful to the original document.


  1. To many of us, Amuze is a developer that we have not heard of before, how long has the company in exsistance and is Headhunter its first game?
  1. Was the initial concept of Headhunter created by Amuze or did Sega approach you with the project?
  1. How long has the game been in development?
  1. Are you also handling the PS2 version of Headhunter and will this have any new features?
  1. In comparison to other machines how straightforward is the Dreamcast to work with?
  1. Briefly give us an outline of the plot and what we can expect from Headhunter.
  1. Other main characters include Angela Stern, Grey Wolf and Mr Stern – should we be looking out for anyone else?
  1. Several previews have compared the setting of 2019 Los Angeles to that of Robocop. Are you happy with that comparison?
  1. Most of the FMV is done in a newscast style, what were the reasons for this?
  1. Is there a set route/sequence of events in the game i.e. Resident Evil or does it involve more freedom i.e. Deus Ex?
  1. We know the plot involves the illegal trade of body parts, does that include heads?
  1. When dealing such content as bodies and violence how aware are you of the age classification system? What age rating will Headhunter have when released?
  1. The main character (Jack Wade) in the game strikes me as a young Chuck Norris, how did you decide on the look of him?
  1. At the start of the game you are just a common bounty hunter, looking for small-time criminals. Can you select your jobs/missions like in Grand Theft Auto?
  1. Will you have the option to customise your character in anyway and how much weaponry is on offer?
  1. Developers always have one feature that in a perfect world they could have included in the game but unfortunately could not due to time restraints, budget, technology etc. What would you have loved to include?
  1. You’ve tried to offer several different experiences in the game (stealth, driving) but how would you classify the genre of Headhunter?
  1. With so many different aspects to consider no doubt you’ve tried to keep the control system as simple as possible have you achieved this?
  1. Going back to the motorcycle section, Shenmue included such a feature but it was very limited. What features have you included to ensure the same doesn’t happen?
  1. Is there a chance to explore the environment or do you have to drive from point A to point B within a certain time?
  1. Apart from the villans does Headhunter have any one else to look out for on his travels?
  1. There was talk of online features for the Dreamcast version, do these still exist and in what form?
  1. The VMU has unfortunately been underused by most developers, we know that the game will take advantage of the feature but how?
  1. What features will be included to encourage repeat playing after the main game as been completed – bonus items, new levels?
  1. How realistic and intelligent are your opponents?
  1. The game seems to employ a variety of camera angles, what was the reasoning behind this?
  1. Richard Jacques has been working on the soundtrack and special attention has been given to the sound effects. How important are both in the game and can we expect anything new?
  1. Will there be a Stateside release of the game?
  1. How has it been working with Sega?
  1. What games are you playing/looking forward to playing?
  1. How are your opinions on the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube?
  1. What can we expect next from Amuze, a sequel or something new?

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