Klonoa 2

Gamestyle Archive intro: another incomplete review but its almost fully there with just that last few lines. It’s also a rare review from Richard Stephenson, so I wanted to have an example of this writer in the archive. This Klonoa review dates from November 2001.


We’ve had our Sonic’s, we’ve had our Mario’s and we have even had our Gex’s (shudders) but why this little fellow seemed to only entertain a small majority of gamers in the UK, is a mystery of HUGE (or is Elvis dead) proportions. Maybe it was the Japanese style of the game or maybe he was just not cute enough for you guys, well what ever happened, you can now amend your ways by not missing out on the improved sequel… Trusty Namco really do show the other developers how to convert a game to our slower TV’s!

And Klonoa is no exception, the game is converted beautifully with no black borders in sight and a nice 60Hz option thrown in just to make it that little bit more pleasing to the eye. Klonoa 2 is full of detail not only on the 3 dimensional characters, but the detail in the background is nothing short of outstanding! Your find your self stopping the jumping and solving puzzles, just to have a look at the fireworks at the fair, or the water breaking on rocks out at sea. So how does it play? If you owned the original (good for you) then it’s essentially the same old thing, using enemies against each other. By picking an enemy up with the ring (A simple tap of the circle button) and lobbing the poor thing at his mate, or even slinging him to the ground to get that extra height, for those hard to reach secrets.

You may now be saying, “Kirby rip off” and well you would be right, there are both very similar, but Klonoa has a few new features that never made an appearance in any of the Nintendo’s pink blob adventures. Quiet possibly the best new feature is the exciting surfing sessions, which have you surfing down the side of a mountain and down a Jungle river.

Klonoa 2 is a 2D game as there is only four directions you can go, up, down, left and right. Although the characters and objects in the backgrounds are 3D we will class this as 2D. It actually works surprisingly well for such an old style of gameplay. Throwing bad guys at each other isn’t the only way of getting to certain places or killing that annoying boss. Some puzzles get you mixing different kinds of enemies with each other. You start of with a “Likuri” (yes I know it’s a strange name) and throw it at say a “Moo” after sucking the life out of the poor little bugger, the finished product homes in on you, and Tada. You have a green Likuri, which can be used to open doors to progress to the next part of the level.

No adventure would be complete without it’s bosses, and as usual the first few seem easy, before things really pick up later on. With them chasing you through a war torn city, I tell you it’s an adrenaline rush when it gets close! Klonoa 2, as you may have guessed by its name is very much of a Japanese style of adventure. With it’s plain weird characters, (other than Klonoa, well done to the person who designed him) over the top Japanese voice acting and the hilarious music. You may feel it’s a bit to Eastern oriented but there is a lot of humour throughout the insane (this would never happen) story.

There is plenty to see and do, however the game difficulty is, well a bit easy. You think at times that it has been designed with kids in mind. Even with the occasional puzzle to figure out, this will only keep you for several days, the older generation of gamers will more than likely find this a bit too short for a

Gamestyle Score: 7/10


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