Gamestyle Archive update 01

The archive is building up nicely as we approach 200 pieces of restoration later this month – I’m never sure whether to refer to them as reviews, previews, articles or whatever. The main thing is that they are back online where they deserve to be. Recently we’ve had some Archive donations of material from Rogue Soul and Toby – thanks guys! These are just waiting comparison to what we have at the moment.

I wanted to put an update online about what the plan is, or if there was a plan. Regulars will notice we’re releasing PS2 reviews now and this is because we’re onto the largest PS2 spreadsheet and about midway through it as I write this. Afterwards we’re onto the Xbox equivalent. Then I just want to go over the various versions of these spreadsheets for all the formats including GBA and retro. Once that’s all done then we’re ready to start going through documents and making comparisons and hopefully rebuilding previously lost reviews with different sources of material. At this stage this might be when old writers are approached to look in their archives.

To give you an idea of the difficulties we face take a look at this Mike Bather review which was scored an 8 overall and was a PAL release. The only surviving piece of text from the review is one word! And that’s ‘there’, yep that’s your lot! I guess using some clues it’s from around September 2003. Hopefully that’s when these other resources will come into play and we can rebuild these reviews. It’s been successful a couple of times already.

As I look on the internet now it is surprising just how many sites from the era of Gamestyle are no more and their own original and passionate content is lost forever. If you want to find a review from the 32 bit of 64 bit era’s it seems you have to rely on the corporate websites nowadays that tended to have an agenda and cosy relationships. Part of me wants to go back and rediscover the PSone and N64 titles but this Archive is going to be a long term project.

Hopefully it’s a refreshing walk down memory lane as the content reappears and I try to recall my memories of the game. It is good to see that Gamestyle lives on in its current form and is mentioned on the 100th episode of the Retro Asylum podcast where Dean and Darran have a lengthy chat. 2 blokes still involved in gaming after all these years – an episode well worth seeking out and setting aside an afternoon for!


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