You can read about the history of Gamestyle at Wikipedia for now by clicking here.

Needless to say the history isn’t straightforward or as clear given the passage of time. What is well established is that Gamestyle was a leading independent voice in the emerging world of video game reviews and opinions. This was an era where the internet was just emerging and gamers were finding new avenues from forums into blogging, reviews and running their own gaming websites. The giants of the video game universe that we know today for reviews, news and opinions were only just starting out. Gamestyle was run by gamers for gamers.

Sadly the site over the years was hampered by several attacks from hackers. It is frustrating that the effort of so many can be destroyed by a misguided individual who wishes to show off his/her technical ability. Perhaps it was the slick look of the site or constant content that gave the impression that this was a ‘big fish’, a professional site run by a company for commercial gain. Gamestyle was the total opposite and paid the price.

The last great hack of November 2012 was devastating. Several of us would really want to spend a little time in a room alone with the individual who performed the act. Gamestyle today continues in a new guise working with independent studios and individuals who are bringing loveable ethics and experiences to a genre dominated by blockbuster titles. This leaves content from the early 2000’s offline. Now this is where the Gamestyle Archive project begins. With the discovery of a set of old reviews further enhanced by contributions from former writers from their own archives, we can put back online what was once lost and presumed gone for good.

Use the news category to check out what’s going on and the discoveries we’re making as we put together this archive. For instance looking back at reviews from circa 2002 revealed that the site scored on various categories before reaching an overall score. These will be documented in the reviews themselves, while the review will be indexed under the overall score.

It might lack the shell it was hosted within, the delightful photographs or comments but these reviews will appear in their original glory. Enjoy…


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